With this, your FastAPI is instrumented and metrics are ready to be scraped. The defaults give you: Counter http_requests_total with handler, status and method. Total number of requests. Summary http_request_size_bytes with handler. Added up total of the content lengths of all incoming requests. Summary http_response_size_bytes with handler. Within a given FastAPI instance, make it possible to have several workers, .ie be able to serve as much request as number of worker. Make sure that logic that has to. Full example Here is a full working example with JWT authentication to help get you started. ... from typing import Optional from beanie import PydanticObjectId from. 3) Use single endpoint and analyze X-Sender-ID (example) of request headers to map JSON to the relevant DTO. Approach #2 seems best to me, since I can't force providers to use custom request headers (as per #3). As for #1: there might be multiple services that provide identical request format, so there's no need to have separate endpoint.

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